Software Development
Antares Offshore develops and delivers software for the Oil & Gas, General Engineering and Company Management / Quality Control functions. Our software is tempered by engineering knowledge, practical use in the field, and a friendly user interface.
Antares Offshore offers a full range of software products including:
  • Tools to collect and analyze engineering date
  • Project Controls and Quality Control tools
  • Field development solution program
  • Cost estimation tool
  • Tools for performing engineering analysis
Our Difference:
  • Software tailored to meet customer needs
  • Engineering code checks comply to international standards
  • Sofware for enhancing customer business goals and process efficiency
  • Development the software from the conceptualization to its' implementation
  • Field tested and reliable software solutions
  • Industry expertise and practical experience tempered
Software Examples:
Engineering Software:
Bottom Roughness Software
GSNAP - General Structural and Naval Architectural Program is a suite of programs developed by Antares Offshore to simulate static and dynammic behavior of structures. The integrated system of sequential assimilation modules within GSNAP is specifically for use in the offshore industry. The general philosophy consists of providing one unique computer program that contains various tools for performing all tasks usually required in structure and equipment design, with interactive graphic modeling, pre-processing, simulation and post-processing. The program's GUI (graphical user interface) architecture coupled with extensive script / batch file control makes the program very user friendly and flexible.
Bottom Roughness Software is designed to perform on-bottom roughness analysis on subsea pipeline systems. The software generates models for different scenarios (e.g. As-laid, flooded, hydrotest, operating) under different loading conditions and can identify cases which produce lateral and upheaval buckling.
Doc Tracker - Project Controls software is designed to track and record the project activities. The software enables in standardizing the working prcedures for each activity and helps prevent repeatability while increasing efficiency by saving time and effort.
Time Sheet - is an office admin desktop application developed in-house, that keeps track of the employee man-hours spent on the projects. The information is collected in a centralized database accessible to the company managers and is used to estimate the weekly project manpower expenses.